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Business Planning

The attorneys at Prehoda, Edwards & Rampulla LLC represent clients at all stages of the business life cycle. Our attorneys have substantial experience in advising clients with regard to:
•    Selecting a business entity, which decision involves considerations as to tax consequences, state law opportunities,

      ease of administration, and suitability for potential future expansion;
•    Preparing the documents necessary for establishing management authority and controlling how individuals either              come into the business or leave the business;
•    Administration of the business, including amending the business documents and day-to-day operational concerns;
•    Business sales, mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations; and
•    Creating miscellaneous business documents, including employment contracts, non-compete agreements,                         commercial leases, and master service agreements.

Tax Planning

The attorneys at Prehoda, Edwards, & Rampulla, LLC offer an extensive range of experience when it comes to navigating the numerous federal, state, and local tax rules and regulations that exist in our country today. Our attorneys are constantly educating themselves as to the latest changes in tax rules and tax planning techniques in order to ensure that our clients receive the best tax planning advice available. We coordinate tax planning with our clients’ family, business, estate planning, asset protection, and other legal needs. Specifically, we advise and assist clients with the following:
•    Charitable Bequests;
•    Dynasty Trusts and other long term planning entities;

•    Income taxes, including medicare and social security employment taxes;
•    Advanced estate and business planning techniques for high net worth individuals; and
•    Business valuation issues for family businesses, farms, and ranches. 


Even more services provided by our firm...

Family Gifting
   •    Gifts to Family Members and Irrevocable Trusts
   •    Annual Exclusion Gifts
   •    Gifts for Medical or Educational Purposes

Charitable Gifts
   •    Charitable Gifts Made at Death
   •    Charitable Gifts Made During Life
   •    Qualified Conservation Easements

Charitable Trusts
   •    Charitable Lead and Remainder Trusts
   •    Estate and Gift Tax Treatment
   •    Income Tax Treatment

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